Shock Or Stocks
Abigail Dupree Master James 2017-01-22 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Slave abigail has been sitting a little too pretty lately.... getting a little too comfortable in her skin...expecting a little too much from her kind and lovingly sadistic Master. Master James decides it's time to teach her a little lesson in vanity and helpless submission mixed with a little bit of entertainment for His boredom. Bound tight in leather bondage and a hideous gimp hood created by her own slave hands, slave abigail lays on a rusty bed of springs salvaged from the wrecking yard. Immobilized by rusty ankle chains and a yoke like pair of heavy wooden stocks for her wrists and neck she waits for what lesson she may be learning from her Master today. Turns out she just needed to be broken... like the stubborn steed she is and continues to be. Reduced to a snotty blubbering mess she finds her place again at the feet of her Master. Be a witness to her humility... without you she will never learn.
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Busty Rain DeGrey bound and ANALLY fucked by BBC with punishing deepthroat and squirting orgasms!
The Unit: The Conclusion. A full Feature BaRS Presentation! Amazing Bondage Brutal Sex!
Uncut: No editing, one take. All the tying onscreen, no breaks for poor Calico.
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