KiKi's Painful Day - Full Video
Kiki Sweet paintoy 2016-10-02 10.99 credits Buy Movie
No kid gloves available here today! Our best sadists' give Kiki Sweet the special painslut treatment. Her big fun-bags are a good place to start and JT lays down some nasty stripes on her jugs to get this pain party started. Paintoy Kiki is fun to poke at and make cry. Thick leather straps fall on her huge tits, making purple, throbbing, agony as well as teeth, hands, and cruel toys - these are what the doctor ordered.

Whether it's canes smashing down on Kiki's aching thighs, or a signal whip to carve graffiti into Miss Sweets back she sings the same song - Her own original song- highlighted with her tears, the wreckage of her smeared makeup and her inert need for this to never, EVER, stop. She is a pain-whore with a need so strong we could keep her here for eternity and never be done with this superb masochist.
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