That's a Wrap Part 1
Lydia Black realtimebondage 2017-10-14 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Lydia Black and Luna LaVey never would have guessed what they'd be used for when they got giant holes cut in their ears. Sitting back to back with a cable tie going through their mouths and their ear holes they are made to answer questions. Answers are not the only thing coming out of their mouths. They are both drooling all over themselves.

Once the zip tie is cut Luna is locked against the box and lydia is handcuffed to the ring. A ballgag in Lydia's mouth starts her drooling again as we study her sexy body. Then OT comes in with some rope and ties her up. Slowly rope after rope wraps her entire body until she's completely immobile.

OT rips open her shirt to expose her tits. He pinches her nipples cruelly and makes her walk around by pulling them in front of her. He tosses her to the ground like a ragdoll. Once Lydia is completely helpless OT begins to pull her up to the ring above her by her ankles. There she hangs like a piece of meat.
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