Piss Breath
Maggie Mead infernalrestraints 2012-11-02 24.99 credits Buy Movie
Maggie told PD to do whatever came to mind. If she had known what kind of mind she was dealing with she would never have used those words. The last thing she sees before PD puts the hood over her face is him attaching one half of an electrical current to her toes. The circuit is completed shortly later, while she screams in the dark, by a metal wand that he can run all over her body.

The chair he has her bound to is not just for decoration. The entire thing serves to make repositioning her holes as simple as possible. When he wants to fuck her face he just leans the top forward under her mouth is down at cock level. If he wants to pound her cunt he leans her back to push her pussy forward. When it is time for the fucking machine to have a turn he spins the wheel again to give it a better angle.

The other devious devices PD uses are almost too fucked up to mention. The milking machine, for one, has her nipples all bent out of shape. The gas mask has her gasping for fresh air and only coming up with a foul stench that PD provided.

The next time Maggie and PD get together she may be more careful about the terms of their encounter, but, judging from how much she loved what he did to her this time, I doubt it.
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