Crybaby Part 2
Let's get to it. We're starting the total destruction of Mercy West. This pretty, young thing is hot as hell and thinks she is ready for the kind of intense corporal punishment that comes along with a Real Time Bondage Live Feed. She can barely handle the bondage we put her in.

Mercy talks a good game. When we pull her arms behind her so far that her elbows are touching she says she could hold the position forever. That's fine. If she thinks that breaking her will be a challenge then she is sorely mistaken. We've got more than enough mastery to take Mercy further than she has ever gone before. It isn't long before we've got her in tears.

She's a trooper, though. While she's crying her eyes out she never asks us to stop. In fact, she is proud of the fact that she has never used a safe word. This may not be the best crowd to brag in front of. If she's not careful then they may take it as a challenge. If she is lucky they are just going to put her through the most intense BDSM experience of her life and she will manage to get through it with just a few tears, a few bruises, and some new, extremely sexy, memories.
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