[Archive] Fat Little Whore
Ella Nova Mona Wales topgrl 2015-03-09 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Ella Nova hired herself a personal trainer to help her stay in shape. Mona Wales has a reputation for being tough, but she gets the job done like no one else can.

Ella is supposed to meet her in the park to begin her training. She takes a short jog, lays down her mat, and begins to warm herself up. Something about working out always makes her a little horny and so she chose a spot where (hopefully) no one can see her start to masturbate as she goes through her stretches. Mona finds her, though, and she is not amused. To her Ella is just 140 pounds of filth. Ella may think of herself as pretty fit, but Mona sees her as a slob who is already so content with herself that she has stopped really pushing to be better. If Mona is going to make Ella into more she is going to have to break her first.

If getting caught fingering herself wasn't bad enough, Ella is completely humiliated by the way that Mona treats her. She immediately begins to degrade her new client and doesn't stop as the tears start to form in her eyes. In fact, the verbal abuse won't be the worst of what is to come. Mona's training isn't just to get Ella looking good enough to fuck, it's also to get her fucking on the same level. That means push ups for her arms and push ins for her holes. Mona has the perfect equipment to turn Ella from a useless lump of flesh into a hot piece of ass.
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