Cunted: An Impromptu BONUS Feed
London River realtimebondage 2016-08-02 18.99 credits Buy Movie
It's an impromptu live feed, a quick idea that popped into our heads and we made into a reality. London River is an incredible bondage slut. O.T. is an intense sadist. They grabbed a camera, loaded up the stream and got started making this beautiful brunette cry her eyes out.

The bondage is brutal. We bend her nearly in half at one point, and not in the direction she is supposed to go. O.T. keeps pulling the rope tighter until her feet are almost resting on her head. He could have attached it to her hair to hold her in place, but it was far more fun to put a collar around her neck so that trying to relax would restrict her breathing. But a perilous predicament is only fun when you can take it to a whole other level. That's what he does when he starts caning her hands so she can barely hold herself up.

London wants to be the best for him. She wants to be able to take every ounce of torment that he tosses her way. But that doesn't mean she can do it all with a stiff upper lip. She won't beg for mercy, but she is going to be left wracked with sobs before the day is through. Even the orgasms will be too much for her to handle before the end of this feed.
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