Uneven Bars
Leya Falcon infernalrestraints 2017-03-10 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Leya Falcon has a deep and abiding love for having things shoved up her ass. She's like a fanatic. You would be hard pressed to find someone who gets as excited about anal as Leya did when we told her just what she was going to be getting up to on today's show. From the moment she arrived in the studio she was dripping wet and ready to go, which is just what we like to see.

First we get her set up, do a few of our usuals, a few of our favorites. We gag her with tape, we clamp her nipples, we shackle her up to metal bars by her wrists and ankles so she can't wriggle away. O.T. is taking care of her today and he is quite partial to the cane so Leya gets to get very familiar with the handy tool pretty quickly. He canes her feet, her ass, and her tits, which are tied off tight in a chest harness. Then it's on to the good stuff.

O.T. has Leya down on her back with her legs spread a bit to expose her holes to our camera. He puts a little remote controlled vibrator the size of an egg in her pussy. Then he takes out a dildo, about the circumference of a baseball, and longer than most girls would be willing to put in their pussies. He has Leya lick it all over, then he slides it right into her ass and starts pumping away, fucking her with it as he takes out the hitachi to vibrate her clit. After a while with that, he takes out the vibrator and the dildo and sticks a pussy hook in the girl, but she just keeps begging until he puts it back in her ass. It's hard not to give her what she wants.
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