Watch Me Cum Or You're Fired
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2017-12-31 12.99 credits Buy Movie
Step into my office and close the door behind you. It's time for your evaluation. Now sign here on the dotted line if you want to keep your job... good.
In this sexy video, Abigail Dupree uses blackmail in the form of video documentation and a binding contract to coerce her employee into doing whatever she wants with him. Weak subservient men and the power she wields over them is the only thing that gets her off these days and she has found a jackpot in this pansy of a pawn. After threatening him with the loss of his job she reveals why he's really there. Office gossip has landed his tiny prick right at her feet with a full deck of cards in her hand. Trying not to seem too eager she slowly strips off her sexy power suit and orders him to drop trou and begin stroking his laughable cock. As his fear grows so does her desire to cum as she inserts her big vibrator wand into her perfect pussy..She orders him to cum for her but not until she has had her climax... you are mine now you little office bitch.
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