Pain Puppet Part 2
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In the beginning of our live session with Paintoy Emma she made it clear that she thought it was going to take a lot to break her, so to start this installment we are going to put her in her place. We hobble her hands with tape and belt her arms and legs so that she is made to crawl around on her knees and elbows. Then we put an electric collar on her so that any time she isn't the perfect puppy we want her to be we can punish her with powerful shocks.

Now that she understands who is in control, it is time to find out just how tough our model is. Our crew had a bunch of ideas for different ways to test Emma's endurance, but we couldn't decide which would be the best. In the end, we decided to leave Emma's torment up to the luck of the draw.

Today we are going to play a card game with Emma. Each round one of the handlers will pick two cards from a deck. The first card will decide what kind of punishment she gets: caning, flogging, , or worst of all the cattle prod. The second card decides what part of her tender body will receive the punishment and how many times. If she is very very lucky she will pull the one card in the deck that will allow her to come. There is nothing like random stimulation to drive a person to complete sensory overload.

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