Cowtest #1
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I have to admit, I love my master. I love him for disciplining, teaching, and nurturing me into the bondage slut that I am today. In every moment of my life I long for his approval, wanting so much to hear him say "Good job", or "I am proud of you". I have no greater satisfaction then I do in those moments.

My master has also given me a unique opportunity, the chance to share my new love of BD/SM with others who share my passion.

When I am most aroused is when I am performing for a live feed. Just knowing how many people are watching my naked body get tortured is almost enough to make me cum.

During live shows I often imagine that all the viewers are right there in the room with me, beating their hard cocks until they cum all over my face, in my mouth, and on my ass. In my fantasy, after I am completely saturated with jizz Cybil, XTC, and Violet rub it all over my body, in my eyes and hair. Paying special attention to my breasts, they give each a firm squeeze with every pass. Tugging roughly on my nipples, each of their tongues fight furiously to rid my body of the layers of sperm. Ocasionaly, a tongue or finger slides into my open and eager mouth and pussy. They only succeed in adding saliva to the massive accumulation of spunk. So PD wraps me in Celophane and leaves me to dry to a ripe, crusty state.

My greatest moment in any scene is always when I ask, "May I cum?" and the answer is, "Yes". In that moment as the waves of pleasure pulse through my body and my clit throbs uncontrollably, it is not the orgasm that satisfies me so. It is having my master say, "Yes" and without saying anything further telling me, "You have done a good job, you deserve this reward". I know in that moment that I have pleased my master, and that is the greatest satisfaction I have ever known.

Thank you PD, may I have another?
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