Hole in a Box
A reminder is needed time and time again with this slave. It's all her fault for being such a charmingly well behaved, hard working and good mannered slave. Master James could adorn her in all of the bondage gear one could muster and she would feel as though she were a queen dressed in the finest of linens. He could whip and cane her black and blue and naked as the day she arrived and you would find her strutting her marks around like a bird of paradise during mating season.
One of the only ways to remind her of her place is to strip her of her identity and make an object out of her. Master James has constructed a rugged pair of boxes for His slaves head and torso to minimize her down to a couple of holes. As she is stripped of her sight and most of her hearing she is made to go deep within herself while the focus is shifted heavily to the trust she has given to her Master. The feeling of helplessness and shame comes over her as she is dragged around by her feet and put into different vulnerable positions that leave her holes wide open for both pain and pleasure. The slightest touch with her senses heightened makes her jump while the adrenaline builds. What good is a hole if it is not used? No good at all.. But I must admit. Even her holes seem to have a personality of their own.
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Ass fucked to orgasm, throat fucked into subspace, brutal suspended ladder bondage.
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Allie James is locked into a automatic blow job machine, with huge ring gag! Brutal deep throating!