Bonnie's Butt
Bonnie Day and O.T. are having a perfectly wonderful time playing together when she has to go and ruin it all. He was just playing with her body a little bit. Sure the nose hook was annoying, but it wasn't painful, at least. Well, not any more than she could handle. She screamed a bit when he whipped her tits, but bitches are always best when they are about to cry their eyes out.

The second he left Bonnie alone, though, and just to go get a cane to play with, she entices the next guy she sees to fuck her wanton pussy. He left her safely chained with her ass high up in the air, ball gagged so that she couldn't call out to anyone, but as soon as Jack Hammer walks in the room she shakes her tight little ass at him and he knows what she wants. It's not his fault she's such a slut. When O.T. comes back he is so mad he has to go looking for a bigger cane.

She could have been satisfied with that but this girl is insatiable. Jack Hammer comes back and she immediately seduces him again. She says she doesn't want to suck his cock but when he sticks it in her face she gobbles it down greedily. It earns her the caning of a lifetime while she repeats the O.T.'s rule over and over through her gag. "I will not fuck anybody until I am told to," she screams between strokes. Hopefully she has taken the message to heart.
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