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Iona Grace is trapped in some heavy metal bondage and she can't get out. O.T. has her in a metal collar attached to two pillars, one in front of and one behind her. As if that isn't enough, he further locks her in place by handcuffing her wrists to the front pillar and her ankles to the back pillar. Then, when her whining gets too annoying, he switches her bit gag to a cloth and tape gag and pulls a plastic bag over her head so she can't breathe.

This position is particularly fun because it gives the impression that Iona is divided straight down the center of her body. By the time O.T. is done with her, her body will look like a Rorschach painting, with bruises instead of ink. The marks on Iona's ass from the intense caning she is getting are mirrored on the left and right side of her body. A true work of art.

When O.T. is done playing arts and crafts he moves her so she is bent backward, held in place now by a crotch chain and shackles on her wrists. Then he goes to work on her thighs with the cane, leaving red marks all over Iona's body. She's been through a lot and O.T. decides that she has earned some fun for herself. He puts a metal pussy hook inside of her and places the powerful celebrator right on her clit and she is screaming for him in no time. Her body bucks and shakes as she starts squirting all over the place. O.T. may have cut her in half but her whole body is completely exhausted and used up.
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