Bondage Table Demo
With a long and diversified history in mechanical engineering, Master James takes pride in creating multi-functional, structurally sound and socially unacceptable pieces of dungeon furniture that call to the age old aesthetic that our sadistic forefathers would be proud of. Here we get a sneak peak of a new, multifaceted Bondage Table as slave abigail points out some of it's finer details. She likes to get acquainted with her toils to come and loves to share with the viewers in her excitement and fear.
tags: Extreme Domination, BDSM, Bondage Device, Submissive Sluts, Bondage Restraints, Submissive Sluts, kink, dungeon, bondage, masochism, sadism, Bdsm Life, Kinky, Sensualpain, Abigail Dupree, BDSM slave, Master slave, Predicament Bondage, BDSM Lifestyle, Real BDSM, Painful, Collared, Erotic, objectification, Sexually Explicit, Hardcore BDSM
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