More Than She Bargained For Part 3
Alex More realtimebondage 2018-10-13 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Due to some technical difficulties the show was cut early. Fear not! We continued the scenes off air. Here is the conclusion of Alex More’s live show.

Alex is hung. There’s now other word for it. The thick rope around her neck gets pulled up and she swings freely. Up and down she goes. Each time she gasps for air. She’s so high by the end she can barely answer questions.

Alex has a beautiful giant clit. Why not make it bigger? OT suction’s it up till it’s enourmous. Then he teases it. Alex is whining and begging for release, but she’s gotta earn it. She begs and begs each time she’s about to cum. Each time, the stimulation is removed.
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