Pole For Penance
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2019-04-28 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Warning; Blasphemous, even Unholy BDSM porn in nature within... Sister abigail has been praying to the Lord all week, doing penance for her sins when father Master James finds her a few days earlier in the week at prayer for what seems an ungodly amount of times when there are things that need to be done around the church, it seems she is falling behind on her duties. He chastises her for it then decides to have her confess her sins and this time she is flogged on the cross with the holy pole in her twat and masturbation with the holy vibe, having here ride the holy spike vibrating here genitals with the holy vibe again till orgasm. Her atonement is never ending, as a whore nun will always be in sin. Father Master James finally puts her over his shoulder to transport her to the cell for the night. I am quite sure others will take advantage of this bad nun as the gate to the cell is never locked. Other holy people will come to pray... or to use her as they see fit for the whore nuns life is all about the selfless acts of giving and charity.

A small bout of blasphemous movies for Easter month seems to be in order this year. I and slave abigail enjoyed doing this one. It could be said that blasphemy is right down O⁄our alley.

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