The Farm: Part 2 Tortured Sole
Siouxsie Q infernalrestraints 2014-10-31 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Long term bondage isn't all languishing in a cage. Siouxsie Q thought that was terrible but right about now she is longing for it like it was part of the good old days. Well, when she was sitting around and waiting all she could dream about was getting a little bit of attention from PD. Now that she's getting it? Well, maybe she should have thought more about the consequences before hand.

She's got a lot of time to ruminate on her current situation. PD is methodical when taking her apart. A block gag muffles her screams while the flogger impacts her pussy. He decides to let her really belt it out, though, when he starts attaching electricity to her most sensitive parts. Her nipples may get the most voltage but the way he keeps flicking at her pussy with the exposed wiring has her clit feeling like it is on fire.

Then comes her horse ride. It's a simple wooden wedge. She's straddling it, her weight resting on her pussy. Heavy loads, wrapped in steel, are attached to her ankles, pulling her down with even more strength. And there she is, grinding herself against the rough wood, desperately trying to get away from PD's whip. It won't work.
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