Slut Delivery
OT knows which places in the neighborhood have the hottest delivery girls. You know, just so he can have some eye candy when his meals come. But Kleio Valentien shows up, a piece of meat carrying a piece of meat, and she doesn't just drop her bag off and leave. Instead she decides to take a tour of the dungeon, and the interest she shows to the device in the center of the room doesn't go unnoticed. If she's willing to walk up to it, stick her head in, and run her hands over the construction, surely she has to be at least a little bit curious as to how it feels to be locked inside of it.

She doesn't seem as enthusiastic when OT has his hands on her, though. She's whimpering and crying while he strips the clothes off of her body, desperately trying to cover herself with bound hands. When she feels the whip across her back for the first time she begins screaming into the black ball gag crammed into her mouth and violently struggling against the wooden stock that holds her neck. Unfortunately for her, OT doesn't even need to unlock her to move her around in this device. She isn't going anywhere. They are going to enjoy dinner and a date together.
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