Circle of Pain
Samsara Jack Hammer hardtied 2015-10-21 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Samsara isn't exactly new to bondage but she is definitely fresh meat for us. She and Jack Hammer have a perfectly pleasant conversation for just a minute before he goes about making her squirm.

Intense rope bondage squeezes all of the right parts of a hot piece of ass like this one. It digs into her tits and makes them bulge like they are about to pop through her dress. Her arms are up and out of the way when Jack turns the Hitachi loose on her sensitive clit. She is into it. She loves the feeling of being vibrated, but before she has a chance to climax he has changed modes again and is more interested in tormenting her with the whip.

That is Samsara's day. Rope bondage excites her, Jack begins to tease her with the opportunity to orgasm, then he takes it away and inflicts some new form of pain on her. Whether she's on the floor or in the air, whether she's fucking Mr. Pogo or the Hitachi, whether he's hurting her with the whip or the cane, the circle of pain remains unbroken. Bondage, temptation, discipline, in an endless, erotic cycle.
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