Double Hooked Cock Sucker
Abigail Dupree Master James 2020-06-21 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Master James reflects...

One mindful way I rule and train a slave is the DEBRISx type of training, basic principles are obedience and submission. Each training is based on the recognition and consideration of individually different dispositions of the slave, because not everyone has the same predispositions and potentials.

Each training session must first orientate itself to the given possibilities and align its processes and structures to ensure optimal efficiency and good results. Moreover, it would be ethically unreasonable to realize an act ruthlessly according to the wishes of the Lord and to ignore the real danger of profound traumatization of the slave.

In the course of training, A Masters own procedure must always be checked and readjusted, to force the personal development of the slave. So it is not every overstatement of the slave as an unethical value.

The goal is obedience and submission, the acquisition of the slave as a real possession - but the ways to this goal are always to find new ways with the individual disposition in mind.

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