Whips Chains and a Little
Prunkle Master James 2020-08-26 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Prunkle is back with her daddy looking upon her progress with more sadistic impact play.

Her Daddy decided to bring his little Prunkle to the Sensualpain studios dungeon for a bit of impact play to help round out the D⁄s relationship they have together. This little is a bit different than some, she enjoys being beating in a particular way with canes, whips and paddles as her Daddy watches..

In her second visit, Master James has Prunkle on the live wire for flogging and whipping. She is told to hold two chains, one in each hand. The idea is that when she feels that the pain is getting too intense, she lets one go. If the pain has already become too much for her, she will let them both go from each hand signifying the session needs to stop. See how well little Prunkle does in this session.

After the Live Wire session, Prunkle is placed kneeling on the bondage table, ass up. Master James gives her painful pleasures with whip, floggers and the wooden paddle that gets the tears running at the end with the wood firm and loudly applied to her bare rump. How far will a little go?

At the end of this video, Prunkle talks with us here at Sensualpain studio. She explains her little side and we discuss her D⁄s Relationships.

BDSM, Power Exchange, Gibbet, Metal Bondage, Handcuffs, Little, caned, Flogged, Prunkle