Meat Market
Bronte realtimebondage 2010-09-12 18.99 credits Buy Movie
We decided to ask Bronte what she loved most about her time with us. She had a hard time picking just one thing. "I cried a lot and I came a lot, it was awesome," she said, before launching full speed down memory lane. The bondage they started her in was some of the most intense she had ever experienced and it was before the real pain even started. Being dominated by so many people at once is an intense experience. Claire Adams used Bronte as a punching bag and she is one hell of a heavy hitter. Every time the cane came down on her it brought her to tears. Satisfying the whims of the perverts in the studio is difficult enough but the ones behind the keyboard present even more of a challenge. Not every slut is up to the task, but Bronte performs admirably.
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