A Lesson
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Sasha wants to be submissive, but she's just too damn bratty for her own good. OT just wants to have a little fun and have her put herself into some bondage, but Sasha refuses. Too bad for her he's not easily dissuaded. He roughly puts her in the hood and cuffs himself.

Sasha either can't figure out the cage or she's being willfully disobedient again. So again OT has to make her comply. He wants her to remove her skirt, but again she acts dumb. When the cattle prod comes out it becomes way easier though.

OT wants to give Sasha an orgasm. She's happy to lay there and receive one, but her impish behavior has earned her a brutal clit torment session. OT presses the tiny vibe directly on her clit causing her a very intense orgasm that isn't all she'd hoped for.
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