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London River, one of our more accomplished handlers, has just finished a shoot for one of our other sites when O.T. finds her. When asked how it went, she says it was good, but she thinks maybe she got in a little too deep, went a little too far. She thinks maybe she deserves some kind of punishment to fix what she has done wrong and teach her a lesson for next time. Lucky for her she has a great friend like O.T. to help her out in that department.

O.T. takes London and ties her up in rope so that she is hung from the ceiling by her waist, wrists, and ankles. She struggles to get her feet down to the box beneath her to try and take some of the pressure off of the bound bits of her. Meanwhile, O.T. makes it more difficult for her. He punches her stomach and slaps her face a few times making her move around more so it's harder to keep her feet down. Then he starts tickling her, after all it seems only right to do to her exactly what she does to her models.

After that he takes her down and sets her down on her back, her feet pulled up right next to her head so that her pussy and ass are wide open and exposed. He takes a metal hook and pushes it inside her ass as he starts to vibrate her clit with a celebrator. He pumps the hook in and out of her ass hard and fast. It's almost too much for even London to handle. Maybe she has learned her lesson, thinks O.T., but he needs to be absolutely sure, so it's time to bring out the cane.
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