Starlight On A Pole
Starlight 2018-06-03 11.99 credits Buy Movie
Extreme domination is what gypsy slave girl Starlight seeks. Mmm the thrill of being tormented to wits end. This slave gets wet between her legs from just the thought of being the subject of a sadistic Master. Masochism is her kink, her ticket to ride. This vagabond, this flower child of the south, travels far and wide to feel pain and pleasure in bondage. Roaming from Master to Master, she finds herself negotiating a session at the Sensualpain dungeon. Feed and watered, his slave is put in a cage till Master is ready to play with this sex slave. Well, she really gets what she asked for and then some by the cane, being roughed up with big strong hands groping, poking and pinching till she is almost freaked out of her mind in the hot sun, blindfolded bound at the pole, bit in mouth, dangling precariously from a hook, hands locked in steel restraints above her head, her bare feet ache standing atop a wooden wedge, shivering, shifting the pain from one body part to another as the long torment deteriorates her strength. Enough to take your breath away as you watch her struggles. Extreme BDSM
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