Plundered Princess Part 2
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After freaking out in the suspension Dolly has a lot to apologize for. She's taken down and put into the next position. It's time for her to ride the horse. Her feet are pulled up behind her so all her weight is on her tender little princess pussy. Then she's punished. Not for freaking out, just because.

Dolly takes several hard hits with a thick plastic tube. It's just the right amount of stingy and thuddy to make her really bawl her eyes out. Then it's time for the paddle. She gets one for each inch of her waist. The tears stream from her eyes as she screams in pain.

Dolly is placed over the decoration and she's told dad jokes. She starts laughing hysterically, but when OT feels she's not laughing enough he needs to punish her. She gets a hard caning.
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