Worthless Cunt Part 1 BONUS
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Marina asked for it. PD wants to give it to her. She needs the harshest physical and verbal treatments to get off. She wears a short dress and a pair of high heels to inspire her tormentor.

PD leads Marina to her new home, a large cage furnished with only a piss bucket and a food bowl. Her hands are bound behind her back with Hiatt handcuffs. She is left to settle in, but PD does not stay away long. He intensifies the bondage by locking her neck with a device built into the cage that can be lowered to the perfect height for cock-sucking.

PD abandons Marina again, this time testing her resourcefulness. The accommodations remind her of her worthlessness — An empty food bowl, no blanket to keep warm, and the attention she hopes for is minimal. She tries to escape but to no avail before PD catches her.

Finally, the torment begins. She is hung upside down and single-tailed. The only relief is when PD wants to use her holes. Then, her hands and feet are locked in stocks. Her vulnerable body begs to be beaten. She craves the fear of the unknown, the searing pain of the cane, and the control of her oxygen supply.

She is a worthless cunt, a non-person, a thing purely for PD’s amusement — Just the way she likes it.
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