Chair Bound
Red August infernalrestraints 2019-03-15 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Red August has found herself in the clutches of a madman. She's bound to a chair and she cannot escape. The ring gag in her mouth makes her drool as she waits for her captor. When he arrives he begins his cruel ministrations; exposing her tits, shoving a dick in her mouth, and putting a bag on her head.

The torment begins, but Red has a surprise of her own. When the whip falls she reacts with not screams of pain, but laughter. To her captor's delight she enjoys her torment and inspires him to be even crueler.

The longer he keeps her the more punishment he inflicts. Each time he switches her position on his evil chair Red finds herself even more precarious. With a binder clip zipper on her ass he decides to try for an orgasm. How will that zipper feel coming off? Will she scream? Will she cry?
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