Family Annihilator
Charlotte Sartre and Lance Hart are a seemingly normal couple. They go out on date nights. They are very much in love. Their marriage is paradise. Lance is so fucking pretty! Charlotte just loves him so damn much. It's disgusting! It's unnatural! Why does he get to have such a sexy wife?!?! What does he have that OT doesn't have?

Don't worry, OT is going to fix them! At first he toys with them for his own amusement. You can't make it too quick with these miserable bastards. You have to take your time so they really suffer. OT makes the pretty boy watch as he finally gets his due. Charlotte pretends she doesn't like it, but truth be told OT is much better than Lance ever could be.

Charlotte has to suffer now. She would never have given OT the time of day out on the street. She deserves as much torment as Lance does. This is all headed in one direction though. Charlotte is going to have to make a decision: Who is going to make it out of this, her or Lance?
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