London River's is finally bound in a way she won't break every fucking thing when she cums!
We finally figured out how to bind London, so when she cums, she doesn't break everything we hold dear.

Mummified, with a neck rope, then belted with strong leather straps. That seems to be the only way to bind London for sex and orgasms. Saying this girl cums hard is an understatement, she taps into crazy mom strength that can lift a car when she cums to hard. But today we got her and we got her good. We fuck her hungry throat with out mercy. Both cocks filling her mouth and throat, till there is no air to have. Add in some vibrator, and you have a screaming banshee hulk from hell, cumming like a mad women.

This is one of our best face fucking scene on the site! Thanks for going there London, you are one of the very best!
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