Penny Dreadful Part 2
This is the continuation of the Penny Barber and Mollie Rose live feed. While we get Penny ready for her next feat of submission there is some free time to learn more about our beautiful decoration model, Mollie. We have all kinds of questions for her.

We ask the most obvious questions first. “How do you like your cage?” “What do you think is going to happen to Penny?” Those are the warm ups. Then we dig a bit deeper. We ask her about her interests and her tattoos for a little bit, to get her a bit more comfortable with personal questions. After that is when we start looking for the information that we really want. We learn a bit about her limits, her lifestyle and her history. What we really want to know is what kind of bondage slut she is and how hard we can push her.

What we found out is extremely encouraging. Mollie has always loved bondage, from before she even knew what it meant. She loves it in her personal life, it is a necessary facet of her sexuality. When we ask her simple questions like, “Do you prefer being caned or humiliated” she always asks for both. That is always the right answer as far as we are concerned.

The entire time we have been questioning Mollie we have been preparing Penny. She is actually the focus of this show. The contraption we have her hooked up to is an impressive one. It binds her wrists and ankles in place, provides a tight collar around her throat and the most powerful hand held vibrator we can find, the Hitachi, nestled securely between her legs. Beneath her feet are grates instead of a flat surface, meaning that the longer she stands the more pain she will feel, regardless of whatever other torments we have in mind.

Speaking of which, it isn't long before we start to ramp things up. The last thing we need is our subject getting comfortable. While we apply suction cups to her nipples Penny answers some questions from our membership. True to form, this brat would rather talk about why it's a “dumb question” than give a straight answer. That's fine, though. It's not like we needed a reason to beat her, but it's always nice to have some extra motivation. We insert a ball gag to stop her from talking and start the business of making her regret running her mouth.

First up, Cyd Black is going to play with those freshly pumped nipples and Penny's beautiful ass. He's got a pair of leather floggers and they are perfect for making her scream. She gets a brief break from the flogging, just long enough for us to attach handful of clothespins to her body. We want to see her cum and she always seems to have an easier time when she has a bit of pain to go with her pleasure. We aren't the type to judge. We like it better that way, too.

It takes a couple of minutes to get the girls set up for their next position but it is worth it. Both of them are set up on our couch with their legs pulled back and their perfect pussies exposed. Even being bound like this is enough to make both of them wet. It is the kind of position they would love to get fucked in, but that isn't going to happen when we have so many more fun things we can do to them.

We've put their pussies on display for a reason. It is so much fun to whip them. Both of these girls are intense pain sluts and as soon as the whip starts to slap against their slits they start to show it. The sounds that come out of them are a mixture of pain and pleasure, a combination of crying and moaning. Every time a blow is landed they grit their teeth and grin at the same time.

There is a little game that we like to play here and this is the perfect opportunity. We have a vibrator on hand, a little one, but more than powerful enough to evoke some intense orgasms from our girls. One of them will get that while the other gets the flogger, paddle, cane or whip, whichever we decide. While one of them has the opportunity to cum the other will be about to cry.

Foot caning comes next, before either one of them has had a chance to get off. They take their punishment together this time, both of them trying to suffer in silence but screaming out instead. It isn't the vibrators that eventually bring them both to orgasm, or even the pain. It is an intense finger fucking that has Penny literally squirting all over herself and Mollie cumming in a matter of seconds.

They take it as a favor but it is anything but. Once they have gotten off they will be as sensitive as ever. That is the perfect time to go back to flogging their pussies. We really want to see which one of them can take more. We'll let you decide which one of them is better. Penny tries to cover up and avoid the pain but her screams are just like music to our ears. Mollie takes every blow with a whimper but opens herself up more with every one.

The two of them are in deep subspace soon. Their asses are covered in the marks and bruises left by the tools we've employed. They are going to get a break in a minute, but only long enough for us to set them up for the next round.
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