Needle Demo Censored
Edge play is potentially dangerous, this is why it is liked. However needles and other edge play is very safe when educating yourself and seeking experienced players on methods of play.
Needle play, play piercing, or recreational acupuncture is body piercing done for the purpose of enjoying the experience rather than producing a permanent body decoration. Needles, sharpened bones, or other tools used in play piercing are removed from the body when the episode is complete, allowing the wounds to heal.
Play piercing as part of a BDSM scene can produce an intense natural endorphin high which can last for hours and may possibly induce orgasm in many of the people who experience it. The experience of multiple piercings in an erotically or spiritually charged context is qualitatively very different from the experience most people have had with phlebotomists in medical settings, in part because the needle is placed 'through' the skin at a secant so that both ends are accessible, rather than 'into' the skin, though some prefer their piercing scenes to take on a more medical theme and feel. Further reading at: http:⁄⁄⁄Needle_Playhttp:⁄⁄⁄Needle_Play

Here is an experienced but censored short demonstration on needle play here in the studio at Extreme Productions LLC with Sensual Pain Studios. Master James as the handler and slave Abigail Dupree as the bottom. O⁄our experience with needles has always been a positive soulful experience and a real rush. Thank you for stopping by to check this type of play out. This video has been censored for blood, all the blood has been removed or censored out.
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