No Solicitations Please Part One
Marina hardtied 2012-08-01 16.99 credits Buy Movie
No one likes solicitors. PD is no exception. When Marina comes knocking on his door he cooks up a hell of a way to show his displeasure. She falls asleep for a little bit and when she wakes up PD has plans to show her exactly how it feels to be invaded by a stranger.

The bondage he puts her in is extremely tight. The rope has to hold her weight up against a rough wooden cross so it cuts into her soft skin. And pain wise that is not the worst to come. She is going to languish and suffer for intruding on his life. He may let her go some time in the future, but not until she has paid for her sins.
bondage     displeasure     door     exception     future     hell     life     little bit     pain     plan     rope     rough wooden cross     soft skin     solicitor     stranger     time     way     weight     
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