Pushed, Pinned, Pounded Part 3
Milcah Halili has been through quite a lot through the first two sessions of their live feed on Real Time Bondage. Their body has been used and abused, clipped all up and down, tied up in rope and beaten. They are exhausted, but still we have one or two things to get done before they finally gets to rest with the incredible feeling of a job well done. And so, after they gives us a little show, spreading their ass for our enjoyment, it's right back to work for them.

First we bend Milcah over, down on their knees with their arms reached out. In this position their ass and pussy are completely exposed and ready for whatever awful thing our handlers and our audience care to do to them. Milcah's ass is particularly tempting, so we take out our large electrified butt plug, lube up their asshole, and slide it in. Then we sit around and watch as they squirm and squeal as shocks pulse in their ass and through their body.

When we pull it out, we pull Milcah off their knees and bend them down over a box and start beating down the outside of her ass. Our handlers take a cane and smacking up and down her ass and thighs, turning it bright red. Then, when that isn't making enough of an impact, we take out the paddle and take a swing at it. By the time we are done with them, there are dark bruises covering their backside and all they are left needing is a good hug and a nap.
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