[Archive] Keep 'em Open
Ashley Lane Bella Rossi topgrl 2015-07-13 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Ashley Lane is going to hurt herself screaming like this. She screams when she cums. She screams when she's caned. God forbid Bella Rossi uses the whip on her ass, she'll howl herself hoarse. When Bella straps on and starts really working Ashley's pussy, it is a good thing she is gagged and the walls are sound proof because otherwise she may have alerted the neighborhood.

Of course, for Bella Rossi the caterwauling is like music to her ears. She's a sadistic Domme who really gets off on knowing that she can get a reaction from the girl under her care. She takes pride in it. She gets off on it. She doesn't take the time to be loving or tender. This isn't an exercise in affection for her. Ashley's body is going to ache from the events of today. The bruises will show, her pussy will be sore, and her throat will scratch when she speaks. Each little pain will be a reminder of the good time she has had.
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