The Violation of Kennedy Kressler
Kennedy Kressler hardtied 2019-04-03 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Kennedy Kressler is curious. What does it feel like to be bound by a man like OT. What kind of feelings does it evoke if he touches you, if he strips you, if he plays with your private bits? It’s what she came to find out, but as it begins to happen she becomes less sure that she wants to know the answer.

Her sexy little body just begs to be restrained, but she is less than thrilled. She’s hoisted into the air by her ankles. It’s a painful position to be sure. With her legs spread her sensitive parts are exposed. Then he adds a vibrator to really take away her dignity.

Maybe putting a giant piece of metal inside her will sooth her. Even a vibrator to make her cum. Her contorted and bound body writhes and struggles for freedom. Her tormentor is relentless. He’s determined to get her good.
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