Wet & Desperate 2
Maddy O'Reilly hardtied 2014-03-26 16.99 credits Buy Movie
The rope between her legs has been rubbing at the sides of Maddy O'Reilly's clit for what feels like forever. Her bondage barely lets her move, but she can shift her weight just enough to get the rope to caress her just a little bit more.

When Cyd waves a rubber cock in her face she sucks at it greedily. She knows the value of a little bit of lubrication. Cyd is going to drive that dildo home and she wants to make sure it is nice and wet before he does.

It fits perfectly in her hole. The crotch rope she enjoyed so much holds it securely in place and makes a great point to attach his Hitachi to.

Feeling full and vibrating is enough to get Maddy off. What comes next is enough to put her fully into subspace from the overload. Nipple clamps pull her tits up toward the ceiling while a leather strap around her throat constricts her airway. The intensity of her orgasms is enough to make her shudder and gasp. The extra effort behind every breath has her on the verge of passing out in ecstasy.

The crotch rope she loves so much is going to be a real pain. A line between her legs has knots at regular intervals. She has to slide her pussy along it as she tries to make her way to where Cyd tells her to stand. It felt good when it was rubbing against her gently but now, as it scratches and digs, she is wondering why she thought this was a good idea.

Of course all of her concerns melt away when she receives her reward for a job well done. It only takes a few seconds with the Hitachi before the last act of torment becomes the thought that fuels her next great orgasm. A little bit of pain and humiliation go a long way for a girl like Maddy.
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