Misbehaving Part 1
Brie Haven hardtied 2019-03-06 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Miss Brie Haven is so ready to get her body in ropes. She watches as each layer is applied and you can just see the lust in her eyes. She's got a fantastic body for it too. Once she's hogtied you can see how intense her back arch really is.

Bound spread eagle with a tape gag is Brie's happy place. Her eyes begin rolling into the back of her head when her nose is closed and she has no option to breathe. Her mouth is packed with her denim shorts.

The end of the day is usually when our subjects get to cum, but that's not the case for Brie. She's teased to the edge of orgasm several times while being caned, but not enough to put her over. You'll have to check her scene out on InfernalRestraints.com to see if she ever gets that O!
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