Hypersexual Freaks
This session is the ultimate display of sexual servitude & discipline. This sex slave is bound to the fucking device for another round of sexually freakish sadomasochism. Pussy lips spread wide by permanent labia rings exposing her one hole of three. She is hooded in a rubber for sight deprivation and breath control. She waits, legs in the air ready to serve... How many orgasms will she be allowed this time?

The Sex slave serves at the pleasure of it's Master! Just to be allowed to touch his cock is reward enough for all the pain and suffering He commands of her to feel! A complete instrument under his will, chattel for his pleasure! With a terrifying uncertainty in this predicament, she feels his deep need for her pain and pleasure! Under shackled submission, each stroke of his cock compels her into deeper servitude for more pain, to feel more pleasure, for ultimate hypersexuality.

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