Whore Trained For The kerb crawler
Jessica Kay Master James sensualpain 2019-10-20 19.99 credits Buy Movie
The dark passenger cruises the city streets at night and the early mornings before dawn. He is me, I am of him that will always be. I know him as a cruel and cunning dude that collects the lost and bates them with food. He is sly and shameless, nocturnal and ageless. He hunts for Jack or Jill, the runaways, the homeless not the pigswill.

But I am different than this Master of perversion, that I watch with blurred vision. He dose not care if it is wrong or right, he has a code. He trains these captives to be sex slaves, puts meat on their bones. He whips these chattel to trade them like cattle, at auction that supports the underground commercial sex economy in Austin or Boston Bull. He is a busy man, cages are full.

You cruise the city streets at night and the early mornings before dawn, your kerb crawling for the falling, perverting the innocence. I am He, I will always be!

Taboo, Sex Worker, Blonde, Blue Eyes, Sex Slave, Slave Training, Daddys Girl, Sex Worker Training, Dirty Talking, Dildo Fucking, Dildo Sucking, Story Line, Harlot, Of The Streets, Fantasy, Slut Training, Cage, Birched, Gagging, Spread ass, Painful, Crying, Poked With Stick, Pregnant talking, Restraints, Chain and Ball, Pleading, Begging, BDSM, Female Masturbating, Jessica Kay
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