Painful Body Hair Removal
Larry sensualpain 2019-04-03 19.99 credits Buy Movie
A very painful, hair raising scene of sadistic debauchery here at the Sensual Pain Studios. Slave Larry really didn't know what he was getting into when he asked to be restrained and hair removed from his back ass and upper legs, or did he? Three Masters, two service slaves, one bottom slave larry and a loopy harry larry good time. Sadomasochism at it's best. This hour long movie will keep you entertained from start to finish with slave larry screaming when the Epilator was used after a little waxing in other areas. Hair on his back, butt and upper legs were cut, pulled and yanked with pliers, scissors, knife, bayonet, tweezers, hemostats... He was whipped, paddled, caned and flogged and very bottom high from extreme pain from several places on his body at a time. One experience he will not forget and one that will have you wanting to participate or hide your eyes.

BDSM, Hair removal, Waxing, Epilator, Sadomasochism, yelling, painful, knife, whip, cane, bayonet, Master, slave, BDSM Lifestyle, debauchery party, NSFW
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