Piss River Part 3
London River realtimebondage 2018-08-14 18.99 credits Buy Movie
London has been through a lot, but she's always ready for more! Her cunt has had most of the attention so far. It's time to use her butt. London is tied in a doggy position, face down, ass up! The belt is the first thing to warm her beautiful buns. She's screaming and moaning almost instantly. The eerie blank stare and the screams are mesmerizing. A plug is added to her ass and the belting continues.

London has a love⁄hate relationship with foot caning. She loves when it ends and hates everything before that. She also loves how much she hates it. That's why OT gives it to her so often. The butt plug is too small to fill London's glorious ass so OT tries something bigger. First it's just a finger or two, but then it's four fingers, and soon after it's all five fingers. Her ass just eats them up. It's not long before they are almost past the knuckle and London is moaning like she's about to lose her marbles. To finish off OT fucks London's face with a dildo till she spits up a ton.
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