It is Nothing Part 3
Tess Dagger realtimebondage 2017-07-15 18.99 credits Buy Movie
In this final installment of Nothing's livefeed it gets suspended. What to do when it's swinging freely? Cane it!! And then tease it to orgasm.

It did so poorly getting out of the handcuff hogtie so we decided to give it another challenge. This time it is tied with rope and told to get itself out. It struggles and rolls around on the floor. The ropes are pulled through it's crotch so each time it pulls it's pussy gets tugged.

It needs to earn it's name back so it is asked to get into a caning position and take some of the hardest strokes ever. It does so happily and receives some intense cane strokes. It's ass instantly turns red. The welts show up within seconds. Then Tess crawls back into her cage for some more member questions.
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