The Assistant
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Jessica Kay got into this gig thinking that if she hung around long enough then maybe O.T. would notice her and decide to use her in the same way he does all of the models that come onto the set. She doesn't want to be on video, she has no interest in being a star, but Jessica definitely wants to be dominated and she has become obsessed with being the next girl he handles.

Her plan is simple, if she dresses like a slut enough then O.T. won't be able to help himself. Or so she thinks. Well, it pays off once, but not in the way that she thinks. Sure, O.T. uses her, but it comes with conditions. She isn't going to be strutting around the office wearing skirts so short her panties peek anymore. She'll be nice and professional.

But Jessica isn't a quitter. She wants to be dominated daily and she'll do whatever it takes to make it happen. Sure enough, things start slipping through the cracks and she needs to be punished again. Metal bondage, corporal punishment, and more than a few induced orgasms are coming for her. It may be counter productive and just encourage her to mess up more, but O.T. is tired of her screwing around so if nothing else works he is going to give her more of what she wants than she'll know how to handle.
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