More Than She Bargained For Part 1
Alex More realtimebondage 2018-09-22 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Alex More wanted to be treated like a dumbass bitch. She starts with a pear of anguish in her cunt. The pear is attached to the ground in front of her. She has to squat and kneel to expose herself. Any time she laughs the pear pushes in on her tender flesh. Dolly Mattel watches from the her stocks. Dolly helps by making Alex laugh.

The members requested that we stretch Alex. So we spread her between four posts and put her on top of a cart that can be raised and lowered. At first she's lowered just a bit. When she's nice and warmed up we pull the cart all the way out. She hangs by all her limbs. She screams and whines. A leather face harness is put on her and a spike board is put on the cart. When Alex begs for it to be raised up the spikes poke her painfully.
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