Whipped Pussy
Violet Monroe hardtied 2016-08-17 16.99 credits Buy Movie
There is a long-standing question in the bondage community: how much abuse can a pussy take and still be able to cum when the time arises. O.T. is on a crusade to find out, but he's been hard pressed to find a girl willing to take part in his little experiments. He has chosen Violet Monroe to be his subject even though she's not a completely willing participant. That's fine as far as he's concerned. If she struggles a little that will only add to his tests.

Violet is being moved between different positions to allow O.T. to access her pussy with his different tools. First the flogger comes out, its tails sending pain up through her whole body making her shake and try to pull away. She continues struggling as she is laid back over a box with her arms and legs tied spread eagle, but the ropes are too strong for her and she has no success. Instead she gets a series of whip lashes straight to her crotch. She tries to scream from the stinging pain, but the sounds are muffled by the ball gag stuffed in her mouth.

Violet drools around the gag as O.T. moves on to the final phase of his experiment. He takes out the hitachi and presses it hard against her pussy and Violet starts arching up against it as much as her ties will allow. Then, when that doesn't do it for her, O.T. takes out the celebrator for a more centralized vibration directly on her clit. That's when she really starts bucking.
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