Cunty Part 3
There are a few things left to do with our little pet, Kay Kardia. We know she doesn't have the best cock sucking ability to but that's OK, we can train her. London River straps on and starts going to town on her pussy while Rain reshapes her throat hole. Between the two of them they have Kay roasting on a spit and so close to cumming.

Usually when we interrogate a girl we like to use a bit of electricity, but for Kay we've decided to go in a different direction. Her pussy is nice. Too nice to leave it alone. We just toss her down right on her back, spread her legs wide open, and take aim on that bare snatch of hers with a few of our nastier implements.

The real problem that girls face when they have to answer our questions is that they never know what the right answer is. Too prudish and she's going to feel the sting. Lying is definitely a way to get herself hurt. But some of her truthful answers are not good enough to keep her from feeling the lick of the cane on her clit.
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