Slim Chances
Bobbi Dylan infernalrestraints 2017-08-18 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Bobbi Dylan doesn't really want to escape. She flails about, but it's just a show. What she really wants is for his hands all over her. She wants to feel his whip caress her body. She wants him to lock the collar around her neck so tight it makes her voice change.

When he threatens to cut her nipples off with the giant scissors she just grimaces. Her clothes in tatters around her body. The cute little panties are the last vestige of her modesty. Those two are cut away to reveal a full bush. What do you do with a bush like that? Trim it and make them eat it of course!

When the vibrator is applied to her exposed pussy she writhes uncontrollably. She wanted it so bad yet it's almost too much. OT doesn't care. He mashes her clit and she cums over and over again.
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