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There is no release coming for platinum blonde babe Dresden. She has a day ahead of her that is nothing but torment, and most girls get paid off in exquisite orgasms throughout the experience, but Dresden is not so lucky. It isn't anything she did, or anything about her. She is sexy as hell. She has a fit body with tight curves that beg to be handled by a strong man. She has a tight, wet pussy that begs to be fucked. But most of the begging today is going to come from her mouth, as she breathlessly asks O.T. for permission to have an orgasm.

Normally a girl is locked in so tightly that they have no wiggle room, but with a body as fine as her's it is kind of nice to watch her struggle a bit. Instead of just locking her shackles to the floor, O.T. strings them along some metal cable, the same type he's using to gag her so that she drools all over herself. It gives her enough play to give her the false hope that she could get away from his whip, but not nearly enough to actually let her crawl to safety.
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